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026. Not Really All That Intimidating

When Lyra heard that the Gym Leader of Cianwood City was a master of fighting Pokèmon, she'd been expecting someone . . . intimidating. A mysterious master of martial arts who could snap her neck with a simple look, maybe, or at least someone toned and well-built. Not . . . Not the slightly overweight man who spent his time sitting beneath a makeshift waterfall. The water pressure doesn't even look that impressive, she thought. And the lever to turn it off probably wouldn't be so rusty if he ever did.

But Lyra voiced none of these thoughts when she finally faced him and his ire at her interruption of his "training," save to say that such training had nothing to do with Pokèmon. It wasn't that Lyra was afraid of Chuck -- Chuck was a Gym Leader, and Gym Leaders fought in Pokèmon battles, not physical ones -- but more that it was getting to be late, and she had to meet Will at the coast at eight o' clock.

All the same, when Sam took out all of Chuck's fighting Pokèmon in twenty minutes flat, she did leave him with one final thought: "Your waterfall training doesn't really seem to be helping you anyway, so maybe your time would be better spent running laps with your Pokèmon instead."


027. Compensating?

Jasmine was a shy, sweet, timid person, even for a Gym Leader. Whereas most Gym Leaders were assertive and tended to at least try to come off as intimidating, Jasmine didn't quite cut it -- not even when she raised her voice to proclaim how strong and tough the steel-type was (though perhaps it would have had more effect if she didn't add a meek comment afterward). Still, while her two Magnemite weren't anything impressive, her last Pokèmon ended up being a Steelix that almost reached to the roof of her Gym, and towered over Byrnison, who shrank back.

"Stay strong, Byrnison," Lyra said, though she felt rather intimidated herself. The Steelix merely stared down, and while it completely dwarfed Jasmine, Jasmine seemed to hold herself up a little higher once her Steelix was released, more confidence showing in her posture than before.

Guess she has to make up for her lack of confidence in herself somehow, Lyra thought, her eyes moving back up to the menacing Steelix. But somehow, I just have this feeling that this is going to be really painful . . .


028. Completely Inconspicuous and Non-Suspicious. Totally, Guys, We're Serious Here. Super Cereal. Yeah.

Lyra stared at the sign outside of the small Mahogany Town shop, unable to really believe what she was reading. The way it spoke of being a "completely normal souvenir shop, yep, definitely" screamed nothing but suspicion. "Does anyone really believe this?" Lyra asked, glancing down at Pantalaimon. Her Furret couldn't really answer, but he didn't really need to; as she spoke the words, two people walked behind her, and Lyra heard part of their conversation as they passed.

"I'm so glad we have a store now. It may not be an official PokèMart, but it looks official enough for me!"

"I agree. It makes up for all that fishy business up at the Lake of Rage."

"Hahaha, "fishy" business! That's a good one!"

"Why, thank you! I even crack myself up sometimes!"

". . . Pan, why do I sometimes feel like we're the only people with half a brain about us sometimes?" Lyra glanced down, and noticed that Pantalaimon looked just as disgusted with the human race as she felt.


029. Get up on the Hydra's Back

A Gyarados was one thing. A red Gyarados was another. And battling a ferocious red Gyarados in the middle of its natural habitat was another thing entirely.

But the Gyarados was rampaging out in the middle of the Lake of Rage (appropriate name, Lyra thought, but it didn't make her feel any better), and more than that, Lyra wanted it. She knew it was somewhat selfish of her, but she reasoned that she did need a water type, and hey, it wasn't as if any other trainer in her position would even hesitate to try and capture the oddly-colored Pokèmon. Besides, capturing it was more humane than simply knocking it out, wasn't it? Especially since knocking it out would never solve the problem.

No, rationalizing her decision was not the hard part for Lyra. Working up the courage to go out into the lake was.

Byrnison, of course, was having none of it. It was raining, number one, and number two, Lyra would have to ask him to go out into a lake. He was a fire-type, and such a thing would kill him, and Lyra was not about to do that to him. So, he was out. Pantalaimon also flat out refused, perching himself on the shore and refusing to go any further, shaking his head when she tried to coax him. Sam looked like he might be willing to try, but Dean pounced on him and held him to the shore, refusing to let him go. So in the end, Lyra was the only one willing to go out into the lake, and even she wasn't really that willing. It was a Gyarados, after all. A red Gyarados. A pissed off red Gyarados. Staring out at the angry beast for a few minutes, Lyra pulled out her Pokègear, and hit number two on her speed-dial -- Ethan.


"Ethan? It's Lyra." Before Ethan had a chance to say anything else, Lyra continued. "I want you to take care of my Pokèmon when I die."

"What? Where's this coming from? Are you okay?"

"No," Lyra answered. "I'm about to die, and I know that you're the only trainer I can really trust to care for them when I'm gone. I'm at the Lake of Rage north of Mahogany Town. You're going to have to come pick them up. I'd say you'd make my funeral arrangements too, but my body is going to be at the bottom of the lake."

"What? What are you talking about? Lyra, what's going on?" To his credit, Ethan sounded generally panicked, but Lyra merely swallowed, steeling her courage.

"If I end up not dying, I'll call you. Bye, Ethan."

"Wait, Lyra--!"

Lyra snapped her phone shut, and then set her Pokègear down on the ground by Dean and Sam. "Well, guys," she said grimly. "Wish me luck."

Pantalaimon tried to protest -- he bit down on her ankle to hold her back -- but Lyra shook him off and waded into the water anyway. It was insane. She was insane, and the Gyarados was probably going to kill her, but she had to try. But just as the great beast turned toward her, Lyra realized she wasn't going to have to try alone, because Pantalaimon -- against all of his better judgments -- was swimming out with her, looking absolutely terrified, but loyal to the last.

"Thanks, Pan," Lyra said, and Pantalaimon bobbed his head, though he looked none too happy.

In the end, the red Gyarados went for Pantalaimon instead of Lyra, especially as Pantalaimon jumped out of the water and used Fury Swipes on the Gyarados' snout. Lyra swam around to the back while Pantalaimon had the Gyarados distracted, and -- against all reason -- threw herself onto the back of the great red sea serpent. The Gyarados roared out in rage, but Lyra held on tight, Pantalaimon scampering up with her once he saw that she was on safely.

"Red Gyarados," she proclaimed, pulling out on an Ultra Ball, "you're mine!" Pressing the button, Lyra captured the Gyarados in the sphere . . . And realized a second too late that she'd just captured the one creature holding her aloft in the air. With a short scream, both she and Pantalaimon plunged into the cold waters of the lake, looking like the craziest fools to ever grace the Lake of Rage.


030. Lance, the Dragon Master

Sometimes Lyra wished that she was one of those celebrities that had perfect hair stylists and wardrobe consultants for every moment of every day. Perhaps if she did, then Lance's first impression of her wouldn't have been of a sopping wet, tired, possibly insane girl who bore a closer resemblance to the Swamp Thing than she did a Pokèmon Trainer. As it stood, when she and Pantalaimon pulled themselves out of the Lake of Rage -- the red Gyarados' Pokèball grasped tightly in her hand (she decided to henceforth call it Hydra) -- she found herself staring up at him while he looked down at her, his expression unreadable. Lyra felt her face go as red as her hair at the look, considering several factors:

One, he looked intimidating even without the Dragonite standing behind him.

Two, intimidating though he may have appeared, with his striking red hair and dark eyes (both of which were strikingly familiar, somehow) he was also rather attractive.

And three . . . well, actually, there wasn't a three. Lyra couldn't quite get her brain to process a three.

"H - H - Hi," she said, very articulately.

"I saw the way you battled," he said, and Lyra didn't really care that what he said wasn't a real introduction. It would work. "My name is Lance. I'm a Pokèmon Trainer just like yourself." Ah, so there was the introduction. "There's something strange going on here, and I have strong suspicions that it has ties to Team Rocket. Would you help me investigate?"

I'll help you do whatever you want! Lyra wanted to say, but she found that her mouth wouldn't quite work properly, so instead she just nodded rather numbly. Lance chuckled, his lips curling into a fierce little smile.

"Excellent. Now, I have to ask . . . do you have a name?"

"L - Lyra," Lyra stammered. "Lyra Hart."

"Hm. I like it." Lyra felt her heart begin a showdance routine in her chest, though Lance turned away, cape flaring behind him. "I'll meet you back in Mahogany." Without another word, Lance hopped on top of his Dragonite, and took to the sky. Lyra stared after, yet then slowly turned to look at Pantalaimon.

"That," she said, "was the coolest person that I have ever seen." Pantalaimon nodded his fervent agreement.


031. Hate at First Sight

Originally, Will was just going to bypass Lance altogether. He knew Rockets when he saw them, and the Dragon Tamer was obviously not a Rocket. He was traveling alone, number one. Number two, he wasn't wearing one of the uniforms. And while Will wanted to do his own thing and would have preferred other people stay out of his way (what, were Team Rocket bases hot spots for field trips?), he wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. (And it had nothing to do with the giant Dragonite behind the man, either. Nope. No way. Will wasn't afraid. Never.)

But Lance was the one who stopped him. Will found his path blocked by the man, and found a glare directed down at him. Will, naturally, glared back with his chin raised, eyes narrowed defiantly.

"Get out of my way."

"Scared?" Lance asked, and Will scoffed derisively. "Is the poor little Rocket scared of the big, bad Dragonite?"

Will felt hatred flash through him white hot, and his hand was grabbing one of his Pokèballs before he could help it. "Don't you ever," he growled in a low tone, "compare me to one of them. Ever!"

"So you're not a Rocket?" Lance sounded incredulous. "Hm, you look just like one, minus the get-up. Mean eyes, cold demeanor, and, if I'm not mistaken, a personal history of being the k--"

"Yes, because everyone who isn't lovey-dovey, butterflies and rainbows, a giant ray of freakin' sunshine is automatically a member of Team Rocket," Will spat. "I'd also like to know what classifies my eyes as "mean" and how that's a solid judgment of anything."

Lance merely stared down at him, yet then shook his head. "You have no business here, kid, but I wouldn't mind teaching you a lesson. Someone like you, well . . . you could never really care for your Pokèmon."

"So now you're going to call my talent as a trainer into question? Fine. I have no problem with thrashing a weak-hearted fool like yourself." After all, if this man was going to criticize Will's ability, then Will felt perfectly justified in doing so back. He felt nothing but the utmost scorn for the man before him, and the unrestrained loathing in Lance's eyes told Will that the Dragon Tamer felt the exact same way.

But it was no use. Lance's single Dragonite wiped out each one of Will's Pokèmon, and knocked him back against the wall with a single flap of its enormous wings. Lance stared coldly down at Will, who -- despite his trouncing -- still glared right back up at him.

"You don't love your Pokèmon," Lance said. "You don't trust them, and I highly doubt that you would ever be capable of doing so. But if you ever are, then come back and see me. Prove to me that the apple falls farther than the tree." Will felt the color drain from his face as Lance turned. "As if it's even possible."


032. Resemblance

There was something really familiar about Ariana that Lyra couldn't quite put her finger on.

There was something about the way she tilted her chin up when she looked at Lance, and the way she stayed strong even after her loss, remarking about how it meant nothing. There was something about the flip of her red-red hair, about the way she set her shoulders. There was something about her arrogant tone.

The more Lyra thought about it, the more familiar Ariana seemed, but Lyra knew for a fact that she had never met Ariana in her life before that day.

Still, there wasn't too much time to think about it. She and Lance moved on, fainting the Electrode, clearing out the base to stop the annoying radio signal that Team Rocket had felt fit to broadcast. Even so, later on, Lyra felt her mind drifting toward it again -- thinking, wondering.

Ariana resembled someone Lyra knew, Lyra realized, but she just couldn't figure out who.


033. Gold and Silver

It's been months since their journeys started, and even so, Ethan Soulbitz meets Will Argento completely by accident.

Ethan's in a hurry, as usual, but this time it's because Lyra forgot to call him back and he's worried she's dead, so he's sprinting into Mahogany Town as fast as he can. Mari races along ahead of him, occasionally looping back, all of her boundless energy showing in her quick steps and bouncing tail. Ethan's not really paying attention to where he's going, so when a boy with red hair crashes into him, it takes him completely by surprise and knocks him back, his hat falling off his head. The red-haired boy was knocked down as well, swearing a blue streak that would make Ethan's father wash his mouth out with soap, and Mari makes a disapproving sound at the language.

"Sorry," Ethan says hastily, picking himself up off the ground before offering a hand to the other boy. The other boy looks at the hand for a minute, staring at it like he's never seen a human hand before, before he knocks it away. Ethan frowns, and Mari looks ready to shoot a Water Gun at the boy's face. "I was just in a hurry. Have you seen a girl with brown pigtails and a big white hat anywhere? She'd probably have a Furret or Quilava with her."

"Lyra?" The red-haired boy asks, and Ethan's eyes widen.

"You know her? I mean, yeah, Lyra. Have you seen her?"

"Just did," the boy says, and jerks a thumb in the direction of Mahogany Town. "She's playing with Team Rocket aside a cape-wearing, dragon-obsessed, bleeding heart, hypocrite freak." The words -- all of them -- are as prickly as barbs on a wire fence, and Ethan can't mask the surprise that crosses his face.

"Is -- Is she okay?" he asks, setting aside all of the other questions. "I mean, if Team Rocket's in there--"

"Tch. She's fine. Stupid as ever, but fine." The red-haired boy glares at something over Ethan's shoulder. "Not that I care. She can go off herself for all I care. Maybe the Dragon Tamer can attend her funeral."

"Don't talk about her like that," Ethan says, voice losing all of its friendliness. Ethan considers himself to be a pretty easy guy to get along with, but there are certain lines that can't be crossed, and wishing his friends dead is one of them. "What's your problem, anyway? Aren't you Lyra's friend?"

"Whatever gave you that idea?" The red-haired boy looks at Ethan sharply, eyes defensive and accusing all at the same time. "I have no use for that weakling except to smash her and her worthless Pokèmon flat into the ground where they belong."

Something clicks in Ethan's brain, then -- forgotten memories of phone conversations he'd had with Lyra before. "You're Will," he says, his voice wondering. "You have to be -- you fit Lyra's description perfectly."

"She talks about me?" Will sounds surprised and suspicious all at once. "What does she say? Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Ethan, Lyra's best friend." Ethan stands his ground, and Mari races over to stand beside him, standing proud as well. "And yeah, she does. You kind of make it impossible for her not to, since you're always wherever she goes."

"I am not," Will retorts. "She's wherever I go. And anyway, I don't have time for this. I have places to be. Move." Before he can, however, Will shoves Ethan aside, and throws Mari a dirty look when she moves to bite his ankle.

"Let it go, Mari," Ethan sighs, reaching down to pat his Pokèmon on her head. "We should go find Lyra, anyway." Despite Will's rough exterior, and despite the fact that everything tells Ethan that he should write the other boy off as a psycho not worth his time, Ethan gets the distinct feeling that Will isn't as bad as he seems, and that Ethan probably just caught him on a bad day.


034. Worse Than a Telemarketer

"Oh, for the love of . . ." Lyra pulled out her Pokègear, sighing as she saw her mother's number flashing on the caller ID. Clicking the send button, she put the phone to her ear, sighing, "Yes, Mother?"

"Hi, Lyra! I was out shopping and I found something useful, so I--"

"Bought it with my money. But that's fine, because you had the deliveryman take it to the nearest mart, even though you had no idea where I would be at the time, so it's sort of strange how the deliveryman always knows just where to turn up," Lyra finished, tone deadpan. "Let me guess," she asked in the silence that followed. "You bought more berries, right?"

"I was trying to do something nice," her mother responded, tone rather cool. Lyra felt a bit of shame slip down her back, but willed it to go away. This was the fourth time in a half hour that her mother had called her, and Lyra was getting rather tired of the constant pestering. "Next time I'll remember not to bother."

"No, Mom, it's not that," Lyra said, resisting the urge to groan. "It's just that you call a lot, for berries. Couldn't you maybe call a little less?"

"Do you want me to still save your money?" It seemed like a random topic change, and Lyra actually pulled the phone away from her ear for a minute to look at it before replacing it.


"Then I will continue to help you, and will continue to let you know, because how else would you know to pick up the items I had delivered to you?" Lyra put her head in one hand, feeling a headache coming on. "By the way," her mother added, tone a bit more acidic, "I think those berries are really useful." The line went dead, and Lyra hung up her Pokègear, letting out a frustrated groan.

Having her mom save her money was really useful, and Lyra considered herself lucky that she had a mother willing to do that. All the same, she also wished that she could somehow change her number without her mother knowing, because the constant phone calls were beginning to get very annoying.


035. Coffee Time at Morty's

"So, let me get this straight," Morty said, bringing two cups of hot coffee over to the table. He set one down in front of Eusine before taking his own seat, too used to the way Eusine poured sugar and cream into his coffee to be bothered by it anymore (Morty took his black, but even if he didn't, he didn't see a reason for half a bowl of sugar -- but then, there wasn't much reason for why Eusine did the things he did, and Morty had accepted that long ago). "You flat out told Lyra that you were stalking her?"

"Of course I didn't say that I was stalking her," Eusine said, rolling his eyes. "I merely told her that I realized that Suicune would turn up wherever she did, and that I would find Suicune. I figured that she would put the rest together by herself."

". . . Did she?" Morty was almost afraid to hear the answer. For all he knew, the next words out of his mouth were going to be that Eusine had a restraining order against him that he was just planning to break the next day.

"I think she did, but it didn't seem to really bother her. She simply said 'Oh' and let me continue talking." Eusine grinned triumphantly, and Morty sighed. "I told her about how my grandfather told me all about Suicune, and how I had devoted my life to finally meeting Suicune. I figured that would accomplish both of my tasks."

"Which are?"

"One, it will make you stop accusing me of "stalking" Lyra. It isn't exactly stalking if she knows I'm there." Morty disagreed, but took a sip of his coffee rather than interrupting. "Two, it will convince Lyra to back off. Suicune is mine, and I refuse to let her interfere with that. She can be the bait, but nothing more."

"You're not going to use her as bait." Morty looked seriously over at Eusine over the top of his coffee mug, but found that Eusine found the ceiling to be much more interesting. "Eusine . . ."

"It's not as if I'm going to be throwing her into harm's way or anything," Eusine reasoned. "It's just -- listen, Morty, you of all people should understand. This girl . . . for whatever inconceivable reason, Suicune has singled out this girl. Or, at the very least, Lyra has the tendency to somehow stumble upon Suicune. That means that so long as I keep an eye on Lyra, I can keep an eye on Suicune -- I can get close. I need to get close, and it isn't just for my benefit. You want to understand the mysteries of the Ecruteak legends just as badly as I do."

"Of course I do. Researching the legends isn't just my job as Gym Leader -- it's the reason I became Gym Leader. But all the same . . ."

"There's nothing more to be said for it. Besides, Lyra can take care of herself. She did best both of us, after all, which is rather embarrassing even if it is true." Eusine dropped another spoonful of sugar into his coffee, and Morty wrinkled his nose.

"Don't you think that's enough sugar, Eusine?"

"Trying to change the subject to avoid reminiscing about your loss?" Eusine countered, and Morty rolled his eyes.

"No, I'm just beginning to think you're going to end up a diabetic."

"I burn off all the sugar by chasing Suicune."

"It doesn't work that way, Eusine."

"Inevitably, it will, just as I will inevitably meet Suicune."

"No, it won't -- you can't change your biology simply because you have the inability to drink good coffee as it is. But whatever," Morty said, holding up one hand to stop Eusine's rebuttal. "Do what you want. Just know that when the day comes when you're unable to eat anything but the vegetables you refuse on a regular basis, I will be there to laugh in your face and eat a giant ice-cream sundae. With sprinkles."

"And people say I'm the immature one," Eusine said. Morty chuckled, taking another sip of his coffee.

"That's just because next to you, anyone would look sane, reasonable, and mature."

Pokemon: SoulSilver Drabbles 3 by Scrawlers

/ ©2010-2015 Scrawlers
I just can't stop writing these. Really, I'm farther along (I've cleared out the Radio Tower, in fact, and OMFG I JUST LOVED THE STRIPPING EVENT HAHAHAHAHAHA "oh, you were trying to be sneaky" yeah, thanks for that, Will, lmao), but I want to end each of these sets with a Eusine and Morty moment, and it was easiest to do that with the little Suicune (optional though it may have been, but who turns away Suicune, really?) that you get when you leave Mahogany Town after beating Pryce. Although, is anyone getting annoyed by Morty and Eusine? Because I LOVE them, but I can understand if people don't wanna read about 'em.

Anyway, few notes:

1) I'm ambivalent about Chuck, really, and I do love Jasmine. It's just, Chuck is stated to be overweight and anyway, Jasmine's dialogue more or less says she's compensating with that Steelix. Can't help but state trufax here.

2) Come on, I can't be the only one who named the red Gyarados after a mythical sea serpent. Also, it would be so cool if you could actually get up on its back . . . even if it would turn out as terribly for you as it did for Lyra here.

3) I actually don't find Lance to be all that attractive, but I have to admit that if I was in Lyra's position, probably he would look a helluva lot more badass than anything else. Also, am I the only one who thinks he looks like Rival? Just saying.

4) Speaking of Lance and Rival, I've always felt that they have a strong hatred for each other that just went beyond "OMG UR SO MEEN!!11" "WELL SO R U!!!!!111" For one thing, I never liked the implication that Game Freak gave us regarding their entire encounter -- that Lance somehow saw straight to Rival's heart, and it was a little cold lump of coal, and then trounced his Pokemon. The implication that Lance was Completely Right whereas Rival was Completely Wrong, especially since we see in several other places that Lance IS something of a bully (he uses his Dragonite to attack a person -- not a person's Pokemon, but a person, and Rocket or no, I still don't think that using a GIANT DRAGON to attack them is fair when they have nothing to defend themselves with). Not to mention the fact that whether Nintendo wanted Rival to be "omg so ebil!!!11" or not, he's still a kid the same age as the protagonist (and I pegged him to be 12 at oldest), versus Lance, who is a grown man and the Leader of the Elite Four at that. Whether or not Rival challenged Lance, whether or not little kids do heroic things all the time in these games, it doesn't change the fact that Lance battled a twelve-year-old kid in the middle of a Rocket hideout for no reason other than "he hates his pokemon omg he must be so evil." Don't you have better things to do with your time, Lance? Even if Rival challenges you, tell him to collect badges and save it for the E4. Don't waste your time battling him.

So, all of those factors combined into one always made me think that there was something more going on there, personally -- that it was more than just a little Dysfunction Junction. I feel that, as Leader of the Elite Four, Lance probably has endless research resources at his disposal and has probably done endless research into Team Rocket. It doesn't seem too out-there for me to imagine that yes, he does know the truth of Rival's parentage -- or, at the very least, he knows that Giovanni has a son and can put two-and-two together. Probably he wasn't 100% sure, but I feel that while Rival has his mother's hair (will get to that in a minute), he probably his his father's eyes and chin, and so Lance made an educated guess that just-so-happened to be right, because jerk though he may be, he's still quite intelligent.

And so, Lance hates Rival because of who Rival's father is (just hated or no), and Rival hates Lance because Lance is a jerk.

Don't get me wrong, I like Lance, I just feel like he and Rival will never, ever ever see eye-to-eye on this -- probably because (in my personal head-canon) Giovanni killed Red's father, who was Lance's BFFL, and so Lance takes this out on Rival. It's basically just Dysfunction Junction, like I said, but there you have it. :XD:

5) Lyra's really not that stupid. But upon seeing someone who reminds you of someone else, is your first thought really going to be, "OMG, this is so-and-so's long lost mom!!!1!" I mean, really. I don't think it's that easy for real people to jump to conclusions unless they have the amazing powers of being fans who read too much into things like us. ;) But really, as sad as it makes me to say that Mars is probably not Rival's mother, and so Rival is not Roark's half-brother, I do feel like Ariana is probably Rival's mom -- and she was probably about as loving a parent to him as Giovanni was. Poor Rival. =(

6) Pretty much I don't see Will taking Lyra's hero-worship of Lance too well, considering certain . . . well, y'know. I feel like this is why he shoved her more than the fact that he's just a jerk, 'cause he hadn't shoved her in awhile before that moment outside Linebe--I mean, Petrel's room.


8) MORTY. EUSINE. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AJDKSLA :heart: :heart: Seriously, I've even started to really like Eusine's theme music. It's strange, because I never really liked him back in Crystal, but now I just love him -- both the theme music and his best friendship with Morty. Worst part is that it's all just head-canon, hahaha, especially giving Eusine a sweet tooth to rival L's from Death Note (but doesn't Eusine just look like a sugar lover to you? I mean, seriously, is that just me?). Seriously, I just love these two so much it's insane. Sorry if it's annoying anyone, but ajdskf;sa somehow they are becoming my favorite characters in this game and I haven't seen Morty since the Gym Battle, I don't see how this is happening.

Anyway, got any comments or thoughts? Leave 'em! Love you guys! :love:

Pokemon SoulSilver (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Tajiri Satoshi, etc., etc.

"Although, Suicune is copyright to me."
"You can't copyright Suicune, Eusine."
"Of course I can. I'll apply for a patent, as well."
"You can't copyright or patent living creatures!"
"I have to lay claim to it somehow, Morty, or else others will try and take it from me!"
"Oh, for the love of . . . Look, let's just go somewhere where you won't be at risk for offending everyone in the nearby vicinity, okay?"
"I don't see how this is at all offensive. I'm merely stating the truth -- that one day, Suicune will be mine, and there isn't a thing that anyone can do to stop me from achieving that destiny!"
"Whatever you say, Eusine. Let's just go."
"Fine, fine. Just remember, Suicune (c) Eusine."
"Coming, Morty! Stop nagging!"
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>w< The entire exchange between Ethan and Silver--I mean Will--I found hilarious for some reason. XD
And lol, Lyra's mom IS worse than a telemarketer :XD: I wasn't even halfway through my journey when I just started ignoring her calls...
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On a side note, I named my Gyarados Festus ('cause Percy Jackson) in my SS game (which was my first) and then in HG I named it Salazar, I think. X3

And I totally agree with you on Lance and Silver. :nod: That's exactly how I thought of it; what right did Lance have to push Silver's buttons like that? It surely wasn't going to help him, telling him he's a hopeless case or whatever he said!
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I have to agree on the phone calls!
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"Yes, because everyone who isn't lovey-dovey, butterflies and rainbows, a giant ray of freakin' sunshine is automatically a member of Team Rocket," Will spat.
That just made my frigin day xD
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Writer
Hehe, I'm glad!
starykid Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:D ive read all 11 of your drabbles yet i rarely comment x.x i iz so sorry D:
PyschoArtist90 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL <3 Man, I wish I could write like you. ;_; My writing sucks.
Anyway, your making this game more fun. XDDD I'm gonna eat a big bowl of icecream with him, WITH EXTRA sprinkles.. c:
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you for the compliments. =)
Xiaoun Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010
I agree with you on everything. I really love Eusine and Morty both, so much, so much...
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you very much!
Lucian05 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
I agree on mum phone calling... It looks like she calls after EVERY IMPORTANT BATTLE!!!! ( like gym, elite four and battle frontier battle.) seriousesly she called everytime when I finished battle hall and castle
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010  Student Writer
And after every normal battle, too. >< There's something called phone stalking, mother. Please learn about it.

Thanks for the comment!
Lucian05 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
yeah I agree with you. In contrast youngster joy had called only ONCE bragging about his rattar. Oh and she called just now after battle Hall
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Student Writer
I don't know, man, Youngster Joey likes to call me a lot to tell me all about his Rattata . . .
Akatsuki-MuffinThief Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010

My feelings exactly, I got a call from her just a few minutes after she had called me before, and she calls way too much. I just feel like screamin at my DS, "WOMAN I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU BUY JUST STOP CALLING ME, YOU STALKER OF A MOM!!!111ONEoneONE!!!"
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Student Writer
I ended up ending my account at the Bank of MOM for that very reason. I just couldn't take it anymore. She calls more than Youngster Joey, and that's saying something. -.-;

Thanks for the comment and the fave, though! =D
HelenMarieS Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
I frickin love reading these. They're really, really good. It feels like this would all fit perfectly if, like, we lived in that world. YAY FOR POKEMON.
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you! =D
bloomingviolets Featured By Owner May 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the little Morty and Eusine scenes! d:
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Scrawlers Featured By Owner May 6, 2010  Student Writer
Thanks! Those are, admittedly, my favorite parts to write. =)
Moony-sama Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Yay! I effing loved this XD I've been playing soulsilver nonstop, I NEVER WANNA FINISH T__T
Scrawlers Featured By Owner May 2, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you! And, well, I guess that's the good thing about Pokemon; even after you beat all the badges and everything, you've still gotta catch 'em all, so there's still plenty to do. =)
Dark-Houndoom Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
So Giovanni + Ariana = Rival to you?
Isn't there some little fan thing going around where Giovanni is Red's father? Or was it Gary (Don't know the colour)? Hmmm... I'm quite interested.

But yeah I'm still enjoying these! I can't think of much to say this time. The battle with Gyarados was pretty cool, also liked the personality Lyra's Pokemon held.
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student Writer
Nope. There's a fanon belief that -- in the anime -- Giovanni is Ash's father, but he is not Red's father in the games. In the games, it's canon (as of a special Celebi event in HG/SS and HEAVY hints in FR/LG) that Giovanni is the Gen II Rival's father. In FR/LG, there's a Rocket grunt in the Sevii Islands that at first mistakes Red (or Blue, depending on who you play as) for Giovanni's kid, yet then at the end of the battle says, "Oh, wait, no . . . Giovanni's kid has red hair." And then in HG/SS, if you get a promotional Celebi and take it to its shrine, it takes Ethan and Lyra back in time to see Giovanni abandoning Rival -- and the sentence that cements it, IIRC (I only saw screenshots) was, "I don't understand you, Dad!"

So, yep, Giovanni is canonically Rival's father. =) And then I just think that Ariana is his mother -- that part's not canon, and I'm not sure it ever will be.

(Gary's color, by the way, is technically Green; in the Western games they call him Blue because of the order in which the versions were released, but he is most assuredly Green as far as Nintendo is concerned (and as far as I'm concerned, too).)

I'm really glad that you're liking these, by the way. Waking up to all these comments was definitely nice! =D
Dark-Houndoom Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
Ah, that's what I was thinking of. Ash just looks like Red, lol.
The Celebi event... I want this Celebi! I also remember that grunt, he was outside the building that the rockets had taken over. Next door to a little house. I remember something about a farm? Maybe I'm just filling in a gap now.
Giovanni being the Rival's father gives the rival that much more character. He really isn't bad.
I love the trip to Cianwood. Was it in this one? I'm not sure *is replying from the messages page*. And then when they arrive how he just gives her his jacket, shoving his hands into his pockets.

I like the idea of Ariana being his mother. I'm probably going to look at her as such in SS.

I've been looking all over for something to satisfy me hunger for SS until I get it. I've been looking for fan-fics of Johto adventures and things like that but they have been very difficult to find, find ones thatI haven't already read too. Each individual 'drabble' (loving this word now, for some reason. DRABBBBBLLLLLLLLE >_>) tells its own small story but slots into this overall tale of Lyra's adventure, meeting new people and bumping into familiar faces.
xAlexandraTheGreatx Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love, love, love your drabbles! They're cute and funny and amazing. Will/Lyra is the cutest. xD
I also love Eusine as a creeper/stalker, and I completely agree with you that Ariana should be Rival/Will's mother, and I completely agree with your Rival and Lance deduction, but most of all, I completely agree that mom really needs to stop calling about berries. xD
And Eusine's copyright was epic win.
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you so much! :love: I'm glad that you enjoyed them so much, and I haven't met a single person yet who enjoys mother calling about the berries all the time. :XD:

Thanks again!
Death-Destination Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
I love your drabbles! they're all so amazing <3<3<3<3<3<3
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you very much! =D
KageSora Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
XD When I first saw Ariana, I was like "...That's Rival's mom, gotta be."

I agree so much on the Pokemon issue. WOMAN, I TOLD YOU TO SAVE MY MONEY, NOT SPEND IT ON BERRIES I'M JUST GOING TO SELL OFF TO REPLACE THE MONEY YOU SPENT ON THEM! STOP CALLING ME TO TELL ME YOU SPENT MY HARD-EARNED CASH! Though if you buy something nice, that's fine. But you gotta wonder... What kind of parent hires stalkers to give stuff to their kid? I mean, how else would the delivery men know where you are, unless they have some sort of stalker-network?

Esuine and his copyright... Nice. XD
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student Writer
I'm surprised they didn't include his FULL parentage in the game -- unless they did with the Celebi event and I just haven't heard of it. But yeah, I feel like Ariana definitely slept with the boss, which has so many negative implications, given that she's the only female admin. >< But nonetheless, looking at Rival and Ariana and Giovanni, it's really easy to put the pieces together . . .

I wouldn't mind Mother spending the money if she spent it on USEFUL THINGS. So far, I can only think of three useful things she has bought me: a Hyper Potion, a Silk Scarf, and a Moon Stone. That's it. The rest has been berries, and not even healing berries! Just frickin' elemental shield berries. But seriously, I wonder how much money I would have right now if she would quit buying berries . . .

Eusine is just a mystical man, what can I say? ;)
KageSora Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
She's bought a few Hyper potions, a Silk Scar, Muscle Band, and a Choice Scarf for me, but yeah, mostly those berries I don't ever use. ;.=.;

He's also an awesome stalker. >D
Tyarana Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Coffee time with Morty! :boogie:
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student Writer
=D :love: I'm glad someone likes Eusine and Morty as much as I do! Thanks!
Annoyedtoolate Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love reading these things. You make the in-game stuff seem so much more personal and interesting. And your writing style is great too. :+fav:
Scrawlers Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you very much, and for the fave, too! :heart:
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